Peak Performance

Peak Performance and the Brain

At BrainForest Systems, we pride ourselves in helping patients improve their “A” game by helping them improve their “B”rain game. As a practitioner, you know that the brain is like any other muscle or organ in the body: It needs constant exercise to improve and perform at its best, no matter the scenario.

Similar to how you would train your muscles at the gym, our systems give your patients the tools needed to exercise brain pathways and improve their overall cognitive strength.

Who Benefits from Neurofeedback?

Patients who have demanding jobs or career paths benefit greatly from neurofeedback programs and treatments. This includes doctors, attorneys, business leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs. Mapping their brain and giving them exercises to help train their thinking allows them to control the mental energy they spend every day trying to keep their composure, formulate well-thought-out arguments, and keeps themselves levelheaded while under stress.

Athletes can also benefit from training their brains in your office. You can develop exercises that train them to get “into the zone,” and block out distractions that can occur during a game. Staying focused during a competition increases their processing speeds and helps them control their composure while under pressure.

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Where Superheroes See Improvement

At Home

  • Better sleeping habits
  • Increased sense of well-being
  • Improved alertness and energy
  • Increased joy of life

At Work

  • Stay calm and focused under stress
  • Creative problem solving
  • Heightened confidence and intuition
  • Enhanced ability to filter distractions
  • Increased productivity

On the Field

  • Improved reaction times
  • Controlled anxiety
  • Stay calm and perform under pressure
  • Greater physical and mental energy

Unlock Their Full Potential

Disruptions in the pathways of the brain can have a significant impact on daily activities. If you have patients who are currently struggling with their stress management at work or need more focus for an upcoming presentation, then try treating them with neurofeedback. Through a specialized program, you can help “unlock” their full brain potential and see the change in their cognitive function.

Peak performance helps distinguish the best from the best and opens patients up to realize their full potential. Using neurofeedback will allow you to identify and treat unhealthy patterns in concentration, motivations, and emotional behavior in stressful situations.

Why Choose Our Program

Neurofeedback is a natural, drug-free approach to improve your health and functioning. The Brain Forest Systems help every superhero tap into their unused, damaged, or dysfunctional brainwaves so they can exercise them and rewire their neurological pathways. Our systems help you create personalized treatment plans that are geared towards progress through the use of positive feedback. Brain mapping, assessments, tests, and training are all part of our programs and help patients improve their lives by improving their brains.

With our BrainTuning system, we’ll provide your office with all of the necessary neurofeedback and brain-training tools and software, and training guidelines. Our advanced qEEG technology allows you to identify and quantify the brain activity that holds your patients back from achieving peak performance, laying out their results in a map that provides insight into the communication network between neurons.

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